You would like to travel differently? Travel usefully? Interact with the local populations? Participate in responsible and sustainable tourism with the Ben’Tenier. The Ben’Tenier was set up fifteen years ago by Mame and Nadine DIOP, respectively from the town of Thies in Senegal and from the centre of Brittany, France. Together they have created a meeting place, a place to exchange ideas and experience right in the centre of the village of Nianing, but also a haven where the ethics of solidarity and responsible tourism are very present.


The personnel at the Ben’Tenier want to give their clients entire satisfaction, and in this optic are very close to them. On arrival, you will find Nadine and Bineta ready to give you all the information you need to make your stay a memorable one. They will explain how the hotel works, its relations with the village of Nianing and the different visits in the region. At the end of your stay you will be asked to fill in a satisfaction form in order to help us improve our services.

Our Charter of Ethics
We have drawn our inspiration from the Charter of Responsible Tourism, created by the T.O. ATALANTE and LONELY PLANET. This charter informs our visitors as to the attitudes to adopt concerning taking photos, buying local products, “gifts”, local traditions and customs and how to behave with regard the environment.
(see Charter for a Responsible Tourism))


For several years now the Ben’Tenier has actively participated in improving the conditions of infants in the area. We work alongside the charity Tche Kanam, the maternity of Nianing and the Non Governmental Organisation nursery called Vivre Ensemble Madesahel in Mbour.

THE CHARITY TCHE KANAM .We, at the Ben’Tenier, were part and party to the creation of the Charity Tche Kanam – huts for little ones – in 2002 ( The aim of this charity is to participate in the development of pre-school education in the region of Mbour. Two schools have been built for about 120 children between the ages of 3 and 7.
The first school is located in a rural environment in N’diarone, whereas the second is in a difficult neighbourhood in the town of Mbour. Many travelers who have stayed at the Ben’Tenier are now active members of the charity and actively participate in the running of Tche-Kanam, whose headquarters is to be found in Brittany.

THE MATERNITY UNIT IN NIANING. Over the last two years we have established a partnership with the maternity unit in Nianing. At each birth the midwife gives the mother a paper, which she then brings to the Ben’Tenier, where she is given a Birth Present of clothes and toys for the baby.

THE NURSERY NGO VIVRE ENSEMBLE is a place that takes in babies who are in a precarious or dangerous predicament (often the mother has died at birth or the family does not have the means to provide for the baby). A social welfare report is drawn up, and as a result, the baby is taken on by the Nursery for one year. At this moment in time there are more than 140 babies. It is also a place that welcomes French teenagers who are in a situation of rupture with their families.


You can bring in your luggage :

Baby clothes (new born to 2 years old) for the actions taking place at the Maternity unit and for the NGO Vivre Ensemble

- Learning material for the schools, to help the charity Tche-Kanam (3-6 years old) … building toys, early-learning games and so on.

Become a member of the charity Tche-Kanam (subscription 15€. Contact : Mrs. Carimalo 8 rue Jean Jaurès 22600 Saint Barnabé FRANCE).

All donations are distributed first and foremost to the schools belonging to the charity Tche-Kanam, but also to other educational establishments.


All around the country, the Senegalese are waking up to the fact that waste has to be managed. The Ben’Tenier has joined forces with the village of Nianing to act in favour of the environment.


"We are very happy to have been able to participate in and contribute to an act of solidarity … even if it is only a tiny drop in the ocean.” CHRISTINE (april 2008)

"How wonderful it is to see all the children making the most of a real school, the school of N’DIARONE, thanks to the actions of solidarity and the dedication of Tche-Kanam. Let’s continue to help them … a child’s smile is worth all the gold in the world, let’s continue to let them learn. Well done everybody! Kénavo!”

"The charter for solidarity and responsible tourism is very important because it enables us to know in what state of mind we are travelling." JOEL (march 2008)

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