Administrative formalities A valid passport is necessary in order to enter Senegal. Bring with you : :
- Photocopies of all your travel documents
- The contact details of your doctor
- Your international vaccination card (especially for Yellow Fever)

Subscribe to an international insurance (often included with payment made by credit card) and check that you are covered for the cancellation of your trip and stay, for your luggage, for any medical expenses and for assistance and repatriation.

Monetary formalities It is not possible to obtain CFA currency in France, you therefore have no option but to buy them in Senegal. Once in Senegal, you have the following solutions : Travellers Cheques, but there are often long waits at the bank ; Bankers cards, visa or eurocard. The best solution is probably to take out CFA Francs directly from a cash dispenser at Dakar Airport (from 150 000 CFA to 300 000 CFA a week, from 223.50 to 448 € a week). Check with your bank before leaving how much you can take out abroad.

Health Info Before leaving it is a good thing to visit your doctor, not only for a prescription for your medicine, but also for a general check up before travelling.

What to bring
Little things that could make all the difference (tweezers, safety pins, compresses, elastoplasts and an antiseptic). Your usual painkiller. Talc to help with irritations caused by the heat. Sunscreen for body and face, including a lip salve. An anti-mosquito product and cream if you have itchy bites. Anti bacterial wipes, or a gel to wash your hands without water.

Malaria caused by a parasite which may enter the bloodstream when you are bitten by a mosquito. This means that you must take measures to protect yourself, with sprays, creams, appropriate clothing. On top of this must be added a medical treatment adapted to each individual. All you need do is contact your local GP or a centre giving medical advice for travelers. The treatment should be continued once you are back home, the length of the treatment depending on the medicine taken. Classification : zone 3.

Vaccinations You should be up to date with your vaccinations (diphtheria, tetanus, polio, TB). The Yellow fever epidemic of October 2002, has been completely eradicated, thanks to a major vaccination programme. However the Yellow Fever vaccination is still obligatory in Senegal, even if you are only over for a short stay. It will probably take several weeks to book for an appointment in a specialized centre. For your comfort, the Ben’Tenier provides mosquito nets in each of its rooms.

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